15 Places for an Engagement Proposal in and around Spokane

A few ideas on where to propose in Spokane

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Huntington Park Spokane Falls engagement proposal with Monroe street bridge

The holiday season is here and for many that means an engagement proposal is imminent. I am not completely sure why so many guys lean towards this season to propose but I do have a solid theory. The holidays are a magical time of year for almost everyone. Joyful memories abound from the day of thankful indulgence spent with family and the fast paced card games that followed, to the starry lighted anticipation of Christmas and the stories of a loving creator sending his son Jesus to mend the relationship between us and God. Only a few days after Christmas we get to celebrate the renewal of life on New Years. I loved watching the New Years programming from around the world and at midnight heading outside to ignite my choice firework at the end of a 10 number countdown. To this day I remember on New Years 2000 I lit off a #200 Crackling Delight artillery shell to signal in the new year. What I am getting at is that the holiday season is already full of great childhood memories and anticipation. If your relationship is ready to move forward, the mood is set for success and all that needs to happen is the courage to ask and the right place.

As a general consensus of the best places to get engaged, I have one tip and one commonality. Number one tip: get engaged at a place with a fantastic shared memory, emphasis on the shared. The other common place is a high or grand view in nature.

Spokane engagement proposal
Lake engagement Proposal Spokane

Here are 15 great places to stage your proposal in the Spokane area:

  1. The summit at Mount Spokane

  2. Overlooking the Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park

  3. Saltese Flats outside of Liberty Lake

  4. Under the fireworks in Spokane or Coeur d’ Alene at Thanksgiving or New Years

  5. Manito Park - The greenhouse is warm and filled with beautiful Christmas lights

  6. Under the Steamplant Smokestack

  7. Horse and Carriage ride downtown Spokane

  8. Quartz Mountain fire lookout

  9. Liberty Lake regional park - Hike up into the hills, there is a great bench with a view overlooking the lake near the top

  10. The Rocks of Sharon at Iller Creek

  11. One of the fine restaurants in town. The Davenport and Wild Sage are two great atmospheres for an engagement

  12. Minnehaha outside of Spokane and Qemiln Park in Post Falls both have high points with grand views

  13. Overlooking Spokane falls from the footbridge

  14. Huntington Park with the Spokane falls and the Monroe street bridge as a backdrop

  15. On a cruise at Lake Coeur d’Alene

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Engagement Proposal under the fireworks