Wedding Photographer's Dream Outdoor Venue: Lawson Gardens Pullman, WA

Welcome to Lawson Gardens Pullman, WA

Lawson Gardens. Easily the best kept secret garden in the entire Palouse region!

Fire tulips lining Lawson gardens pathways in Pullman, WA

Located in the heart of Pullman, WA sits this romantic 13 acre paradise filled with a mix of formal and wild gardens. The garden was started in 1985 as a dedication to Mr. Lawson’s first wife, Alice and has become a place where love grows and flourishes for many couples. Over the years, the community and international guests have played a role in the development and upkeep of the gardens. My wife and I spent countless hours here throughout our college dating years and return to the gardens whenever we have the chance. 

Lawson Gardens towards gazebo

Lawson Gardens is a unique and popular location for summer and fall weddings. And at a rental rate of $250 for a 4 hour block - it is a great way to save money! The gardens can be rented from 7:30 am - 8:30 pm. There are three formal terraces that can easily provide seating for 50-400 guests while other areas can provide intimate settings for as little as two. The reflecting pool and gazebo provide a lovely backdrop for wedding ceremonies and photographs.

Lawson Gardens Rich textures for wedding pictures

As a photographer, I love the colors, textures and deep richness of these gardens. Sweeping paths and leading lines create for exquisite and dramatic images. Lawson Gardens is the perfect place for you to write the memory of your first day as husband and wife.

If you are interested in matching colors to the gardens, color scheme and setup information can be obtained from the Pullman Parks Department. 

Images shown here were taken in early spring as the new leaves and blossoms began to emerge.

Lawson gardens outdoor wedding venue pathways