EWU Grad: Pictures taken on campus at Eastern Washington University

Congrats 2018 EWU Senior Meagan!

EWU Grad pictures Cheney, WA eagle flag

As a financing and accounting major who enriched her studies through tutoring, Meagan found herself spending many long hours in the JFK library at Eastern Washington University. In her graduation photos we pushed that theme of the library and textbook studies. Meagan had a rich college experience living on and near campus by being a part of intramural teams, serving beer at EWU football games, and spending summers floating at Fish Lake. Meagan is set to accomplish big things as she already has a job lined up with the Navy! 

In front of the camera, Meagan was a natural model. I gave a photo location and she took it from there with her many poses. I personally like to see how weird of a face I can make in the mirror...

It was a pleasure meeting her and her boyfriend who helped by carrying props and adding support as we stopped for photos at Showalter Hall, Martin Hall, the JFK Library and the Eastern Washington University sign at the heart of campus..