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Modern Country Style Wedding | The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie | Spokane Wedding Photographer Nate Robinson Photography

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Under the backdrop of Mt Spokane and the charm of a once working dairy farm, The Barn at Wild Rose Prairie is Spokane’s perfect modern barn style wedding venue that retains a good amount of rustic country character. The wedding was beautiful and simple, a family and close friends affair loaded with laughs and fun celebration. Friends and family were often seen lending a helping hand to set up or shaking a leg on the dance floor. The ceremony was short and sweet. This photo right after the ceremony pretty well summarizes the overall mood. Toby’s BBQ dinner was an absolute hit and if you need smokey catered food at your wedding - these guys are top notch!

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Much like Brena’s father and mother years before, Danny and Brena started out their journey to husband and wife in Cheney, Washington, attending Eastern Washington University and working together at a classy casual dining establishment… Taco Bell. He liked her, she liked him and all their friends knew it!

The running bet of the day was how many times Brena’s father would tear up during the wedding. The talk before walking down the aisle, giving his daughter away, sprinkled through the ‘I do’s’ of the ceremony, toasts, dances, you name it, the tears were coming. Let me know what the final count was but I think it was well over a dozen!

Spending a day outside with this couple, their friends and family, I was reminded of the joy of being in good company. The shared laughs, gratitude, creativity and generosity was overflowing. I look forward to all of the future Nate Robinson Photography brides and grooms. If you would like to be one, send me a message!

Spokane wedding venues and vendors

Venue: The Barn at Wild Rose Prairie

Food: Toby’s BBQ

Officiant: Ralph J. Fishburn of Ralphs Regal Weddings

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