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Hello, is it time to get your family pictures? 

Get ready for some fun interaction and real smiling in the great outdoors! The Spokane region is filled with beautiful landscapes. High forested mountains, shimmering lakes, rocky rivers and grassy hills. These grand and wild scenes provide an incredible back drop for your legacy family portrait. Your portraits can hang on the wall, be printed out for an album or include in cards and invitations.

My favorite family photos end up being the ones where the family takes themselves lightly and just heads outside for a fun mini adventure together in a grand, wild, memorable or favorite location.  And that's what I want to create with you. 

Whether your family photo session includes a casual stroll in the woods, a walk by the river, a rocky trail, your lakeside cabin, a hike in the mountains or even (pretend?) camping at your favorite outdoor spot - I want to capture you, being the fun loving, outdoorsy and adventurous family that you are. 

If that sounds like the kind of family session you're up for, head on over to my contact page and we will make a plan!

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I aim for informal, lightly posed photos where I document your family enjoying life with each other.  When photographing younger children, I tend to just let them play and take pictures of the fun they are having. 

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periodic mini session days can have up to 12 clients

Session fees include the time and talent of your photographer, your portrait session, and your viewing session where you will see your fully edited proof gallery and have the opportunity to purchase exactly what you want. Nate Robinson Photography clients spend anywhere from $200-$5000 on art and digitals but the average investment is $1500.  Digital files are not included in the session fee. The session fee is subject to sales tax.

Full Package (and then some) $250*

  • ~90 minute session Intended for the adventurous and more mature families, school age on up

  • Get out and explore. Try a park, field, forest, country road, garden, your favorite hike or?!

  • up to 2 outfits uses our time well and allows for various styles. Try formal, dressy, casual, seasonal, or other.

  • Online photo gallery for digitals saves you time and extra trips while making it easy to share photos, view proofs and order prints in a breeze.

  • Viewing session to help you select your favorite images for hanging art pieces, albums, and digital images

More awesome words from happy families

Full Package $150*

  • ~60 minute session

  • Explore 1 area such as park, field, forest, country road, garden or?!

  • 1 outfit to make best use of our time

  • Online photo gallery for digitals

  • Viewing session to help you select your favorite images for hanging art pieces, albums, and digital images

Family Mini Session $100*

  • ~20 minute session to keep things quick for short attention spans

  • Play in 1 small area and outfit to keep things easy

  • Online photo gallery for digitals

  • Viewing session to help you select your favorite images for hanging art pieces, albums, and digital images

What do we wear?

Be Comfortable.  I like to keep you moving around, standing, walking, sitting - wear something that you enjoy. 

Let each family member show their personality, wearing clothes at the same level of dressiness is as matchy as you need to be, but we do want to consider color for coordination. Talk to each other about what you would like to wear. Save some money and the hassle of a trip, you likely already own clothes that bring out your best look as a family.

Most people look their best in certain colors (mine is light blue). Black clothes often look sharp in real life but they can be a tough color for photographs. Try to find a color pallete that incorporates your families best colors. Pinterest is a great place if you need some help with color ideas. 

Moms:  Thank you for all your hard work in organizing, planning and making things happen. In all the busyness of preparing your family for photos don't forget about you. You deserve to look great! Play up your assets.  If you have an area of insecurity, think about how you can minimize that with your outfit choice.  If you have insecurities that you want to share with me - please do.  BUT, you're not allowed to do it during your session.  Let's get that out of the way beforehand, so it doesn't bring us down on session day.  :)

Dads: Bring the Fun! Your wife probably had to talk you into photos and I am glad that you are participating. My wife loves it when I encourage her and be an active part in the things she values. Today isn't about fake smiling and rigid posing, it's about getting outside and having fun. The most important thing you can bring to picture day is a good attitude.  But if you do have a signature hat, belt buckle, or something that you really love - let's find a way to include it. 

Why Family Photos are Important

Family photos are important to allow us to stop and remember the changes that occurred in our families life. Great milestones are when adding a new sibling, making a big move or career change, or the completion of academic achievements. You may even decide to schedule your families photo session with your childs senior pictures.

Quick phone pics are great but often end up lost or forgotten on a hard drive. Family photos must be printed and showcased to be fully enjoyed. 


The big question is, do you know where your photos from 10 years ago are today? It is far too easy for digital images to be lost or forgotten. Prints are living memories that help us understand who we are and where we came from. You can see the visual memory of life and the adventures you have had together. Kids love seeing their photos on the wall.

I create images of where your family is in life today. Prints are al la carte so you can get exactly the size and number of prints you want.