Every Spokane bride and groom should have wedding photos to remember

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Wedding day details have been carefully thought out, selected and planned far in advance by the bride and groom but often the wedding feels as if it were over in a flash. For this reason, you need someone who can capture the emotion and beauty of the special moments that quickly pass by. I would love to be that “someone” for you. I am excited to share images of the big and small moments that you will cherish for generations to come. I believe your wedding should be a celebration of your commitment to love each other with friends and family, creating memories, and not worrying about how your pictures will turn out.

Whether you are getting married in the Spokane area or just live here, I am your local photographer. Green Bluff is a fun outing on most any day, and not to mention a great area to look for your outdoor wedding. Beacon Hill catering and Events is another awesome wedding venue tucked into the southwest side of a hill overlooking Spokane. I love the role the river takes throughout Spokane. Coming in to town with the hiking, rock climbing and recreation; reaching downtown's parks and falls; and then adding more extensive hiking and camping at Riverside state park. Dishman Hills and Iller Creek are fun pockets of nature to explore and take photos. Of course who can forget all of the beautiful parks! Manito is quite the destination and a fun place to take in the Spokane Symphony's music in the park. Whether you are getting married in town or out of town, I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your wedding day vision. Click here for my wedding portfolio.