Heather & Corey | Backyard Wedding | Cheney, WA

The day came so suddenly, arrangements made previously became such a blur as everyone scrambled to make things perfect despite the morning of pouring down rain. My story may not be perfect, but my photographer sure made it look that way!

When Nate showed up and began taking photos I was stressed to the core over the rain “ruining everything”, yet he jumped right in and got to work on what he was there to do. Nate took pictures of all the important items that I had with me throughout my day, he took delicate care in placing everything together seamlessly and in perfect lighting. He also caught such amazing family moments as he followed us around the party never leaving our sides, moments that we will treasure for a lifetime. When I look through these pictures today I can’t help but let tears flow as I see all the beauty that was there throughout the day despite the rain!

From the items to the smiles I know that I picked the very best photographer around! I HIGHLY recommend Nate Robinson to anyone planning their special day. He will capture EVERY moment, even the ones you might have forgotten to request.