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Hi, let me introduce myself, I am Nate,


Fun facts about Nate

  • I am a licensed pyrotechnic operator and you may have seen a firework display that I have fired. WSU Football games, Spokane/ Rainiers baseball games, and many community shows!

  • My favorite wedding memory was photographing a fellow Cougar Marching Band members wedding! Best in the west! Go Cougs!

  • Ice cream is the best - Vanilla ice cream + Raspberries + Marshmallow cream + crushed graham crackers = Yum.

  • I love swing dancing and even proposed to my wife at the end of a birthday circle dance!

  • I love sharing life around a campfire

  • When at the beach, I dig holes - weird but I really enjoy seeing how far down the water level is and rerouting streams.

  • Playing card/ board games is an excellent way to spend an evening

  • I pride myself at being one of the best Spokane wedding photographers for your outdoor wedding.

  • I have photographed over 200 clients and events! It's such an honor to visually share these stories!

I LOVE TO BE OUTSIDE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST hiking, camping, gardening and adventuring with my wife and kids. I seek the simple joys in life such as a morning farmers market, swing dancing, a free concert in the park and kayaking on a summer evening. I use photos to document the beauty I see all around me. Photography allows me to freeze the fleeting moments of the sun breaking through clouds at sunset or the low fog hovering over the ground at dawn or an emerging mischievous smile. Over the years I have applied this love to the photos I give to you. I seek great light and try to capture those quickly vanishing but deeply meaningful moments.

The backdrop of my most enjoyable photos are those with a lush natural setting, infused with warm sunlight.  Having graduated from Washington State University in Pullman, I also love taking college graduation senior pictures.

My photo style is timeless, rich and clean tones with a good mixture of fun and romance. You don’t want your photos style to be dated by the next phone release and neither do I! I stay away from over edited photo filters and instead seek crisp, rich, true tones for a polished yet timeless look. Those who hire me can look forward to archival quality art pieces, easy photo downloads, and mouth watering heirloom albums to document this part of your life's journey, the milestones, accomplishments, and the overflowing love expressed through smiles that make your cheeks hurt.

My wedding day

My wife and I had our ceremony on a pleasantly sunny day in early June 2011. Friends and family came to celebrate and found themselves whisked into a romantic garden world with a gently sloping grass yard that opened to a wide shimmering pond. There were tall dark green trees to one side with a white row boat tied to a log bridge and the most beautiful girl I have ever met coming toward me to say yes to a life together. Our ceremony was short and sweet but filled with humor, Jesus and our commitment to each other. There was delicious food and an endless supply of smiles. Being swing dancers with lots of dancing friends, the dance floor erupted with a great set of the old time crooners, big bands and Michael Buble’s Feeling Good for our first dance. The night ended with a brilliant firework show reflected in the water. I am so grateful that we splurged on our wedding photographer! As we come up on our 8 year anniversary, the photos our wedding photographer took immediately transport us back to that wonderful day and that is what I want to be able to do for you!